How Mobile Apps Can Make Your Conference or Event More Successful

Setting up a big conference is a huge investment of time and money. But providing a mobile app for attendees should not be something you line up nix.

It’s simple, and there are a hundred or more ways to accomplish it. One of our favorite solutions is the DoubleDutch app. You can convert attendees into fans if you make the most of DoubleDutch or the same mobile experience for your event. Here are six reasons why.

Build Relationships

While most marketing now takes place online, nothing can replace the impact of a live conference or conference event. Your meeting allows attendees to meet your employees face-to-face and learn about your product. You can build successful relationships in a live event. This event is also a great place to introduce a new product to your audience.

Mobile applications can make many tasks much easier. You can remove hard copy invitations and event schedules, for example. Your attendees may receive updates, announcements and other information via cell phone. This makes attending your meeting, and communicating with you or others present, easier and more meaningful.

Event Planning

The mobile app is a great way to invite people and send them reminders. People don’t have to wait until they are in front of a computer: They can respond quickly with your mobile app. The app increases the response rate and can give you an accurate number of attendees. You can change the frequency and type of invitation using the app as well. If someone is very important, they can get an invitation quickly, and perhaps include more links to event details.

Schedule Changes

How Mobile Apps Can Make Your Conference or Event More Successful

The schedule for everyone attending the event can be pressed directly to the mobile device if you have an event app that works for you. And the great advantage of this is that you can quickly connect with the changes in the schedule. If the speaker time has changed, or the relaxation workshop has delivered locations, you can send a notification to everyone using the mobile app. Do not leave the audience in the dark.


How Mobile Apps Can Make Your Conference or Event More Successful

Your attendees want to connect to your meeting. Probably more than anything else actually. Instead of exchanging business cards, they can now scan a visitor’s name tag or find them directly within the event’s mobile app community. Attendees will be able to focus more on the discussions, and less on adding a lot of paperwork to their pockets and pocket

Research Your Event

How Mobile Apps Can Make Your Conference or Event More Successful

You just want to tailor your event to the interests of the audience. Another great way to make sure you do that is to provide a survey, which can be easily found through the mobile app. This can help you learn in real-time how content should be delivered to the site and after the event, and you can also use survey responses from your last event to get back on track and help plan this year’s meeting. Giving research also tells your audience that you appreciate their feedback.

Attendees Who Want to Come Back

How Mobile Apps Can Make Your Conference or Event More Successful

All of these mobile features can motivate a visitor to return to your many events by making attending your event an undisputed experience, and by building a digital community in which your guests feel they belong. Ultimately, all of this, with the help of the mobile app, simply makes your event investment more efficient, more visible, and hopefully, more profitable!

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